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Baby Elephant Buddies Frolics In The Middle Of The Road In An Adorable Pictures

If you are looking for something positive to spice up your day, this video is just for you. Two baby elephant buddies are spotted frolicking in the middle of the road, climbing on top of each other, and slamming into each other.

Baby elephants are adorably clumsy. Their stubby shapes, innocent eyes, and short legs and long trunks can always steal the hearts of us, humans. These young animals are also friendly, affectionate, and intelligent. Two calves in this story can’t wait to show their cheerful spirits while on their journey. They stop at the middle of the road and playfully play together. Slamming and climbing on top of each other. They get tons of fun with their game.

Their funny moments were captured by visitor Inez Allin-Widow at Kruger National Park in South Africa. The mischievous animals didn’t mind visitors watching them from the car and continuing to play.

Inez can’t stop laughing at two baby elephants. They look like playful and energetic kids who always know to create fun for themselves. Their journey is easier with joyful rests. “I feel so much warmth, love, affection, and joy,” Inez said. “I feel so much respect and love for them, and these pictures show exactly what I love so much about them.” He added.

When Inez shared photos of two frolicking baby elephants on the Internet they attracted millions worldwide. People can’t get enough of their cuteness that immediately gives them much-needed smiles. Image source: Caters News

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