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Friendship goes beyond the limits – an orphaned Rhino and zebra make unexpected best pals.

Rangers discovered an orphaned young rhino battling for survival in South Africa’s Kruger National Park in early December 2021, with its umbilical cord tied. When it was found, the rhino calf was severely weak and unable to move. It was thought to be less than a day old. She was flown to the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa by helicopter, where she was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Just a few weeks ago, a zebra calf was discovered immobile and hardly breathing in Kruger National Park. The newborn zebra, named Modjadji, was estimated to be just a week old when he was brought to the sanctuary’s ICU for treatment of septicemia and anaemia. These two lovely newborns would almost certainly never have met in the wild. With no time left, the newborn rhino and zebra calf at the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary become unexpected friends helping each other heal and become stronger.

When rangers discovered her during a regular operation, Daisy’s mom was nowhere to be located. Daisy’s mother may have been a victim of poachers, while the specific cause of her desertion is unknown. The newborn rhino was discovered amid a “distressing week” in South Africa when scores of rhinos were mercilessly slain by poachers in a couple of days. Poachers generally just take the moms’ horns, prized in Asian nations like cнιɴᴀ, and leave the calves to survive.

Fortunately, both these orphaned babies survived after receiving excellent care and nourishment. Daisy needed different therapies to assist her immune system and regulate her body temperature because she was too young to get milk from her mother when she was discovered.

Modjadji became quick buddies with Daisy. The caring zebra took it upon itself to be the young rhino’s buddy and guardian. Modjadji and Daisy are more like siblings after a month together. Modjadji isn’t far behind Daisy, wherever she is.

As they became more prominent and bolder, their interest took the better of them, and their levels of communication with each other grew, Louwhen Bowker, Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary’s media liaison, explained.

Rhinos like to live close to someone. Daisy enjoys Modjadji’s companionship and finds him to be quite loving. Daisy feels safe and secure when they lie together at night. She is a companion who can be with her every time. This helps Daisy avoid too much human contact.

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