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Meet Midas, The Adorable Four Eared Cat Who Was Rescued As A Baby

Fur real! Kitten who was born with FOUR ears, loves to cuddle and is friends with two Golden Retrievers goes viral on Instagram. Meet adorable Midas , who is best of friends with two golden retrievers.

Midas is an adopted grey kitten from Turkey who was born with two sets of ears. The feline is only four-months-old but already counts 19,300 Instagram followers. Adorable Midas’s best-friends are Golden Retrievers Suzy, 12, and Zeyno, 14.5. An adorable cat Midas born with two sets of ears is taking Instagram by storm and raking thousands of fans at a time. You can watch video at the end of the this article.

The kitten, named Midas, hails from Turkey and already counts 19,300 followers on Instagram, having just created her account three weeks ago,’ her owner Canis Dosemeci told FEMAIL. The four-months-old Russian Blue, who has four ears due to a genetic mutation, spends her time playing, napping and cuddling up to the family’s two Labradors, Suzy, 12, and Zeyno, 14. People online have been totally won over by Midas, who has a heart-shaped white patch on her belly.

Midas, a kitten with four ears who hails from Turkey already counts 19,300 followers on Instagram, having just created her account three weeks ago. The young feline, who owes its singular ears to a genetic mutation, is best-friends with the family dog Suzy, pictured.

Midas appeared on Instagram three weeks week after she was adopted by Canis and her partner. Her mother, who was a stray cat, gave birth to Midas and her six siblings in a garden that belonged to a friend of Canis, who took the kitten on. Midas has two sets of ears – one set are her normal ears, and another, smaller set that poke out in the front. The adorable young cat also has a patch of white hair on her torso that is shaped like a heart.

Adorable Midas loves to play, nap, and cuddle. The cat, pictured, has fans from all over the world, from Brazil to the US and Turkey, where it’s from. The cat’s owner has been documenting how Midas is acclimating to life at home. The feline, pictured, used to be a stray. Midas’ two sets of ears, pictured, have made them a sensation online, and the Russian Blue’s followers’ count keeps growing.

Her appearance is unusual, but Canis said Midas had been checked by a vet and can hear perfectly. She said her cat seems healthy, but will undergo further checks in a couple of months to make sure no other genetic mutations are detected in her body. According to the pictures shared by her doting owner, Midas has been settling into her new home very well, napping in her bed and playing with her toys.

Nap time! People can’t get enough of Midas and its four ears, but the feline, pictured, does not seem aware of its online notoriety. The little feline was found on the street by his owners, but has since grown accustomed to life at home, pictured. The cuddly pet, pictured, loves nothing more than to snuggle with its owner, her partner and the family dog Suzi.

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