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Newfoundland Gets A New Hairstyle for Each Day He’s In Quarantine

The current situation has left many of us struggling with boredom (who thought we’d ever get sick of binge-watching tv-series?).

People have been trying to deal with this in different ways; learning a new language, practising mindfulness, getting really into baking bread, re-watching old 90’s tv, etc…

And some people have gotten really creative while trying to keep their spirits up. For example, Hannah and Adam Heil who’ve been giving their sweet doggo Hank a hilarious new hairstyle every day.

Hank is a Newfoundland, so he’s got plenty of hair to work it, and he’s been rocking some very funny, creative and adorable looks.

We’ve collected 21 of our favorite styles and we hope they make everyone’s day a bit brighter!

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